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Dynamic Packaging

Dynamic Packaging

Dynamic packaging is basically combination of multiple services like hotel and flight, flight and car, hotel and car, flight, hotel and car. It dynamically bring the combination of respective service and traveling can book the simultaneously. Its give real time rate of different services allowing traveller to chose. Dynamic packaging save time of traveller and save money of booking multi services in one go. Travzilla Pro (a product of genx esolutions) has robust application for dynamic packaing .

Travzilla Pro Dynamic Services

  • Flight + Hotel
  • Flight + Car
  • Hotel + Car
  • Flight + Hotel + Car

Few Functionalities

  • All XML supplier Bed Bank and flight supplier can fetch the rates real time in combination.
  • Travel Agent can set up different markup for each services.
  • Control over inventory.
  • Multiple channels - B2C, B2B, call center, travel stores, XML, and Mobile.