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Extranet/Contract Management System

Contract Management System

A content, mapping and inventory management system for hotels, tours, transfers & packages. The travel industry is full of corporations and travel agencies who only book at properties that provide direct negotiated rates. Travzilla Pro makes it easy for you to provide negotiated rates through your website using the Local Distribution Systems by using a pre-integrated content, mapping and inventory management system for Hotel, Apartment, Villas, Sightseeing, Transfers & Packages. This enables you gain control over your negotiated rates.
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Manage content, photos, maps, documents for hotels, activities and transfers.
  • Inventory setup - Supports allotment, on-request, free sell and retail inventory.
  • Pricing setup - Supports per person, per room, occupancy based pricing, per unit pricing, range based pricing. Helps you to manage net rate and commissionable products.
  • Payment & Cancellation policies - Manage various payment policies, partial payments, cancellation policies.
  • Contract Conditions - Manage complex rules like supplements & reductions, discounts, minimum night stay restrictions, black-out dates, etc.
  • Markup Management - Manage markups across different selling channels.
  • Commission Management - Manage commissions for agencies and agency groups.
  • Manage taxes, surcharges and online booking fees.