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In order to have successful online travel business, travel companies must have a robust and efficient travel mid office solution. It is the backbone of your business. Travzilla™ Pro mid office system software works in sync with the sales channels and suppliers. It facilitates and manages the bookings, inquiry, administration, agent management, customer management and supplier management of travel companies.
Travzilla™ Pro has a comprehensive panel which is centralised multi GDS like (Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport). It is most efficient and customisable.

Travzilla™ Pro Enterprise Mid Office

Tour Operators
Travel Agencies
Corporate Clients

Key Features of Mid Office System

The system has highly customizable front and back end.
Manage Advertisement
All the ads for any service can be created in the backend.
Booking Management
The team can manage entire booking amendment, cancellation, refund. Travel consultant can make booking on behalf of the agent or direct customer.
Multi PCC Code
System supports multi PCC, Office id.
Manage CMS
The backend team can manage the content of their website.
Direct Customer
The midoffice staff can handle direct customer booking, their login id and can make booking on behalf of direct customer.
General notification in the mid office like- ticketing procedures, refund policies, baggage
The administrator can manage the entire company / branches / staff / suppliers etc.
Multi currency
Auto currency conversion is available according to country code and IP based currency.
GDS Queue Management
The travel consultant can manage the Queue and staff. Assign Queue to them and generate PNR Queue report.
Loyalty Management
This modules helps to manage the feed back of the customer, earn loyalty points, redeem loyalty points and view points ledger.
Financial Accounting
Midoffice can be connected to any third party accounting system for the financial reconciliation, balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Some of the accounting system are traacs, sap business one, excel soft, information dynamics, winyatra and quickbooks
Travel Stores / Branches
The travel store or branches can make booking on behalf of B2C customer from the same system.
Supplier Management
In the midoffice the backend team can manage supplier and their payment. In supplier management the team can manage gds pcc, private fare, internal hotel mapping, and supplier city mapping.
Profile Management
The system automatically register customer and creates their profile. The customer can login to profile management and see their booking details and manage their entire profile. Using profile management customer can enjoy the benefits of loyalty program. The customer can view history of previous bookings based on date, passenger etc.
Travel CRM
The backend team can track all the booking in the midoffice like- booking history, lock booking, upload docoment for existing booking, add note to existing booking, add any charges to existing booking, add passenger to existing booking, amendment can be done in the existing booking, they can print eticket, email eticket, email invoices. The can also sync pnr, cancel pnr, queue the pnr.
Queue Management
The agent can hold PNR / No show PNR / Sked PNR / Exchange PNR / HX, DS and UC PNR for a B2C customer.
Call center
The same mid office can be connected to a call center modules via ivr where customer service can help the customer and query related to existing booking / new booking / cancellation amendment etc.
Agent Management
The Backend team can register the agent in the system, assign them to access to b2b system. The can also manage credit limit, product access, manage card, agent users, payment gateway. They can also see the agent ledger and reconcile agent account in the system.
Midoffice has capability to generate different kind of report like hotel productivity, air sell report, hotel sell analysis, hotel cancellation analysis, hotel departure analysis, hotel rooming list, flight on hold pnr report, flight no show report, flight ticketing report, pnr before payment, suppliers report, company sell report, staff performance report, flight ancillary report, flight reissue report and many more.

Mid Office Management or Operations Module

  • timeline-image-01
    • Admin Module
    • Company Management
    • Users and Staff Management
    • Product Management
    • Sales Rule Management
    • Supplier Rules
    • Internal Staff/Agent Module
  • timeline-image-01
    • Queue Based System
    • Booking Fulfillment
    • Auto Invoicing
    • Eticket
    • Manual Ticket Generation
    • PNR Sync
    • Import PNR
  • timeline-image-01
    • Supplier Management
    • Reports
    • BSP Reconciliation
    • Supplier Reconciliation
    • Airline Reconciliation
    • Enquiry Management
    • B2B Registration and Management
  • timeline-image-01
    • GDS Management
    • Hotel Third Party Connector Management
    • Payment Gateway Management
    • Sales Channel Configurations
    • Payment Management
    • Refund
    • Reconciliations
  • timeline-image-01
    • Financial System Integration
    • Intuitive virtual booking file
    • Manage buy and sell rules
    • Exchange rate management
    • CRM for both Agents & Direct Customers
    • Booking Management
    • GDS Terminal
    • Banners and Promotions on B2B
    • Branch Management

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