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B2C Travel Mobile App

B2C Travel Mobile App

Traveller are increasing in vast number and in todays scenario when everything is online so travelling in excess taking help of IT and looking for their service, this trends actually making travel company to shift to platform where they can serve their client with ease. So its actually pushing them to have mobile app or compress mobile responsive website and empowering people to be more self-sufficient when booking trips. Having a mobile travel app that offers potential customers an easy, convenient, and straightforward way to plan, book, and/or enjoy their trip should be a key part of a modern travel company’s marketing strategy. In fact, the success of this business can’t be imagined without mobile apps. As per current scenario, security is the major concern of every traveller for a smooth and secure payment solution. It increases the reliability of the mobile app and thus there will be more chances to have a long-term partnership with those customers.

Native Mobile App for Travel

  • 70% use smartphones to plan holidays.
  • 30% use mobile apps to find the best hotel and flight deals.
  • Travel App has been rank 6th downloaded app. Mobile App for Travel
  • Search Hotel 50%
  • Search engine activities and attractions 43%
  • Check in prior to flight 28 %
  • Buy Tickets – 12 %

Advantages of Having Mobile App for Travel

  • Multiplatform
  • Customize your app
  • Fast & Easy
  • Send Notifications on app
  • Push your content and offer directly to end consumer
  • Booking Hotel, flight and car online
  • Book last min deal
  • Multi Language app